Pharma/Biotech companies

Digital Health consultancy for Pharma and Biotech

Pharma and Biotech are in the business of improving care and generating value for patients, providers and payers. Today, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical companies increasingly need to deliver positive individual care experiences for people living with disease, providing differentiated solutions that help the individual patients achieve what they want and need, and supporting them to adopt healthy behaviours in addition to taking their medicine.
In the near time horizon, there is a strategic imperative to prepare for a future where value-based care becomes more widespread, and companies will be measured on the extent to which they optimize real-world health and economic outcomes.

Digital Health, Analytics, and connected medical devices are an important enabler to this transition.

We enable Pharma and Biotech companies with:

  • Digital Health Strategy Consulting:
    • Designing tailored Digital Health strategy to support patients between clinic visits and empowering Multi-Disciplinary Teams who care for them.
    • Aligning services, digital health and connected medical device strategy to patient behavior and support needs, target therapeutic area, local healthcare provider care models, and the drug product.
    • Designing next-generation patient support programme services enabled by digital health.
    • Business model, Reimbursement, Market Access and go to market strategy
    • Create compelling value proposition for payers and commissioners. Starting with HTA-level assessment.
    • Ensuring that the solution scales and can be deployed into regional and local care settings by addressing needs of Care team and physician, healthcare providers and payers.
    • Service Testing and assessment strategies.
    • Compliance, Medical, Legal, Regulatory risk management and mitigation.
  • Service and Technology selection: Creation of solutions and services that delight patients and providers looking at how care pathways could evolve to better support patients using behaviour change models, digital health, digital therapeutics, data insights, and connected medical devices
    RFI/RFP generation
    Supplier Service/Technology assessment and due-diligence
  • Multi-disciplinary Digital Health program pivot – we analyze your entire solution from the clinical, business, technology, data science and organizational perspective and create a tailored action plan with recommendations to turn-around and position services, platforms, solutions and teams for success
  • Data/Insights Strategy Consulting: Data and insights as a source of strategic advantage to organization, getting to a meaningful scale, exploitation and sharing strategy