How we improve care…

Home-based patient centered care enabled by digital health

Our daily work is focused on delivering care that is centered around the needs of patients, improving lives, and finding sustainable business models that make this possible on an ongoing basis.

To provide this patient-centered care, we invest in understanding how people live with the condition at hand so that we can be a partner to our client’s multi-disciplinary teams, bringing our expertise in the following areas to each programme:

  • How patients experience the condition
    Cancer patient talking to doctor
  • Current care pathways
  • Therapies
  • Comorbidities
  • What does holistic care “look like” for people living with this condition, care pathways such as the UK’s NICE Care Pathways and Treat to target recommendations.
  • Evidence and experience to date of using digital health and/or connected medical devices to support people living with this condition.

We understand how to evolve care pathways that have been designed for schedule-based care to one that is based on insights from data collected around the patient by:

  • Working with you as the client to define the service-product mix; which parts of the patient centered service will be performed by people, and which by the technology. Applying principles of Behavioral psychology to engage patients
  • Scanning existing Services, Connected medical devices, Digital Therapeutics and other technology; to build awareness of the what is possible off-the-shelf now and in the near future to inform service and product strategy and design
  • Using user-centered design-thinking to propose coherent solutions that provide a great experience for patients and the different members of the care team.
  • Developing a strategy for engaging multi-media content that anticipates and answers patients and their care team’s needs.
  • Describing how the service will evolve in future.
  • Which aspects of the service can potentially be automated in future. Where could data science be used to better serve patients and providers. Ensuring that data is structured to enable these benefits to be realized as the service gains traction. Building a data strategy that describes which external data sources will be needed in future and how to gain access to them.
  • Market research, testing, refinement, and iteration

To make meaningful improvements in care and patient’s lives, the service and solution must have a sustainable business model. We support our clients by defining:

  • Value Propositions for each of the key stakeholders – people living with a condition (or set of conditions), clinical team, carers, providers, and payers
  • Country-specific go-to-market approach
  • Business and operating models
  • Evidence strategy to gain adoption, make revenue, and be adopted at scale
  • Supporting the shift to value based care and outcome oriented business models through automated monitoring of performance against contracts.
  • Market research, testing, refinement, and iteration

Care is always delivered locally. Local variations in care are the norm. Providers expect that solutions deliver best practice and fit into the local care models. We work with you to describe what aspects of the service and product will need to be tailored to meet the needs of local clinical teams, how will your solution interface to customers health IT, and how to do this efficiently and within the sustainable business model.

HealthGenuity consultants have refined and developed these approaches by delivering patient-centered care services enabled by digital health and connected medical devices to help people living with the following long term conditions:

Therapeutic areas where we have improved patient care using digital health, analytics or connected medical devices