Our Values

We are passionate and committed to improve the health of people living with Chronic disease at scale, empowering their care teams, and meeting the clinical, economic, regulatory and compliance needs of healthcare providers and payers so that these solutions can have maximum impact and be deployed at scale.  

We live these core values to deliver for our customers and partners.

They are our commitment as to what you can expect from HealthGenuity in each engagement as a client, consultant or partner.


We execute!

We execute!
We internalize our clients goals and operate in their interests. We actively seek responsibility to solve meaningful, difficult challenges in the delivery of patient-centered care solutions that are enabled by digital health, connected medical devices, behavioral science, and data science.

Idea Meritocracy

We operate an Idea meritocracy where the best ideas are found, recommended and chosen to optimize the overall service or solution.
We are system thinkers.

We collaborate with our clients in finding the best solution.
We seek the truth, are curious, and get opinions in the open.
We apply logic to embrace and act on shared reality, and believability-weigh our decisions to create optimal solutions. We disagree well, recognising that constructive conflicts are required for great relationships.
We get and stay in sync. We commit to, own, and deliver on agreed decisions.

Action oriented, speed, create structure in uncertainty

We have a bias for action and speed. Care services, digital health, and connected medical devices involve the interplay of multiple services, processes, and technologies; and the orchestration of people across multiple functional areas.
Making timely, good decisions  is critical to meet programme commitments.
We are comfortable working with uncertainty. We create structure and take action.
We drive decision making and avoid analysis-paralysis with a risk-based approach to bound analysis needed, secure input from stakeholders to promptly make decisions based on best available information to move forward while actively managing and mitigating risk.

Transparent. Honest. Synthesize actionable information

We share information in a transparent, open, and honest manner.
We synthesise and simplify to make the complex easy to understand. We provide clients with the rationale and logic to empower them to engage with their stakeholders.

Respect and Integrity

We have Integrity and Respect for people and demand it from others. We do this because we believe this is the right way to build trusted relationships and enable people to contribute and be at their most productive and creative.
Many of the areas we work in are new, there isn’t an obvious solution, we expect multiple options as to the best path, and disagreement as we explore the logic and merit of each option. At all times we have these conversations in a respectful manner, and couple this with high integrity in our relationships.

Deep Domain expertise

We are system thinkers who have deep domain expertise of clinical processes, care pathways, business and technology that enables the development,  deployment, reimbursement and market access of patient centered chronic disease management care services, digital health solutions and connected medical devices. Our consultants have deep domain area knowledge in one or more of these areas coupled with strong knowledge of adjacent cross-functional areas, and  the interpersonal skills to provide joined-up system thinking. We bring our personal experience as patients and carers to build empathy and care into the solutions we create.
We actively improve our skills, evolve and continue to grow.