Create a compelling value case to payers

The shift to value-based care is driven by driven by a need for more result- oriented service provision, and in turn a “willingness to pay” for health care services, solutions, and devices that is defined by the clinical and financial outcomes achieved.

Health Technology Assessments (HTA) have traditionally been used for making decisions on pricing and reimbursement of pharmaceuticals and despite caution as to how to best apply HTA techniques to medical devices. there is a groundswell of Payers and Commissioners starting to use HTA techniques to assess digital health and medical devices. Leading medical device and Digital Therapeutic companies recognize the importance of evidence of clinical validation and cost-effectiveness as a key part of their value creation strategy.

Mismatches between a company’s evidence and Payer expectations can slow the adoption of innovative connected medical devices, digital health solutions, and diagnostics; and lead to an ineffective value generation strategy.

We enable companies to address this risk and understand how Payers/Commissioners will value their solutions by facilitating rapid Payer-perspective Medical technology regulatory and clinical/health economic readiness assessments.

Our cost-effective facilitation sessions are enabled by the UK’s NICE META Tool(c) to establish a baseline and shared understanding . The META Tool(c) has been developed by the UK’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) to assist in engaging with Payers (including NICE) requiring evidence of clinical and/or cost-effectiveness.

Service benefits:

  • Robust, affordable, rapid process that can be performed at any stage of development. Facilitated by our expertise in Digital Health and Connected Medical Devices.
  • Helps articulate the value claims and benefits of your product to patients and the healthcare system.
  • Identifies evidence gaps in product development plans.
  • Provides an early assessment of the technology to inform decisions around product risk. Addressing the questions posed by the assessment assists in creating a path to revenue.
  • Assesses the technology’s readiness for evaluation by an HTA body such as NICE.
  • The META tool report can serve as a helpful input to investors deciding on funding of product development.

How it works:

  • Enter your product’s details into the online NICE META Tool(c).
  • Our consultants review the information entered and then perform an in-person facilitation session with you to analyse the information
  • A concise report with resulting findings is delivered to you within 2 weeks.

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